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Adhiraj Chandel |  INSEAD, Oxford & Imperial MBA admits 2023 (~$40k scholarship)

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The MBA application process is a time consuming and often frustrating experience. The challenge is in cutting through the noise to focus on what is important, both in terms of selecting schools and in presenting information about yourself.


Arvind provided great help in these areas, as well as editing my essays and profile submissions into crisp and impactful stories. With his help, I secured admits from INSEAD, Oxford Said School of Business and Imperial MBA including sizable scholarships. I am very grateful for his support, advice and effort into making my application a success. I can wholeheartedly recommend him for candidates who are applying for MBA abroad.


Rohith Chandra |  USC Marshall MBA admit 2023 (~$100k scholarship)

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I am incredibly grateful to Arvind for serving as my mentor throughout my MBA application process. His guidance was instrumental in selecting the right university, crafting compelling essays, and exploring appropriate short and long-term goals for my post-MBA career. His deep understanding of my aspirations ensured a perfect university fit. His expertise in essays shaped my ideologies and I was able to come up with winning essays . What truly set Arvind apart was his commitment to understanding my long-term career ambitions.

The admitStreet team was also very helpful in providing exceptional end-to-end post-admission services, including helping me with visa processing, education loans, and accommodations.

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Aditi Raman |  LBS MiF admit 2023

By the time I reached out to Arvind, I had spoken with many admissions consultants across geographies and experiences. But Arvind's sincerity, calmness and honesty flowed through on our very first conversation. Applying to my dream school (LBS) with a GMAT waiver and with work experience & age above the class average, Arvind understood what I was looking for and given my background, what would best work for the school.

Arvind is extremely pleasant to work with and flexibile. His approach was practical - he did not over promise, was always available and provided excellent feedback in no time.  If, like me, you're looking for a quality premium service that is affordable - hands down, it's easily Arvind!

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Yash Tripathi | HEC Paris MBA Admit 2023

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Arvind is an amazing mentor! His guidance throughout the interview process for HEC Paris MBA was pivotal behind me securing the admit. Being an alumni himself, Arvind exactly knows what all does the school look for while evaluating the candidates during the interview.

Arvind's methodology is straightforward and apt. He assessed me through a mock interview, which was pretty much on the lines of what I experienced during my final interviews. Before the mock interview, he provided some tips regarding how to prepare/execute the 10-minute ppt, and what kind of basic questions I should expect. After the mock, he also provided detailed written notes and suggestions for improvement over email which helped me to fine-tune my preparation.


Last but not the least, he was always available to talk regarding any kind of questions and challenges I faced. He made me believe in myself and motivated me throughout the process. The personal attention combined with accurate preparation tips provided by Arvind was the main reason behind me successfully converting my dream school.


Swetabh Shubhra | Georgetown McDonough & Olin WashU admits 2023 (~90k scholarship)

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Being an engineering grad, I walked into the MBA application process with an average GMAT score, a decent resume, and experiences in supply chain roles in the Energy domain, but I quickly realized that it takes a unique skill set and a trained eye to turn those credentials into the perfect B-school application.


Arvind helped me introspect deeply, make a list of all the important events in my professional and personal lives, and used them to showcase my skills. He also helped me structure my stories and present them in a compelling way to win the hearts of the admissions board.

As I was keen on pursuing an MBA program strong in policy and strategy, I had my heart set out on McDonough, Georgetown and Olin Business School, Washington University. With the help of Arvind's expert guidance, I did manage to get admits from both including a sizable scholarship. These schools are a great fit for my career goals and I don’t think I would have been able to make my applications so convincing without Arvind's help. Thank you once again!


Vineetha Rebecca Jacob | Rotterdam School of Management Erasmus admit 2023 

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Doing an MBA is a dream for many, but people often are not able to answer why they want it and whether they are ready for the hurdles that come with it. I was one such aspirant and Arvind challenged me on that front to really think about what I wanted from getting an MBA. Here is where our interaction began.

Arvind took the time to understand my profile, whereby I had a good academic background but was low on work experience and GMAT score for the B-Schools I was intending to get an admit in. He helped me in tackling certain obstacles in GMAT by giving me valuable tips for my reattempt. He was prompt in answering my doubts and made it a point to follow up with me on my progress. All in all, he was very supportive through the entire process and I’m happy to claim that I’ve gotten an admit at Rotterdam School of Management for MBA, thanks to his timely aid.



I'm Arvind Kumar

"My experiences working across industries (strategy consulting, technology), companies (KPMG Global Strategy Group, Goldman Sachs, Rocket Internet, EY), geographies (UAE, Germany, India, USA) and my passion for coaching help me bring out your best in the application and increase your chances of success"

Since graduating from the HEC Paris MBA in 2019, I have helped candidates secure admits in Top-30 MBA programs, including LBS, Oxford and HEC Paris among others.  I have also interviewed dozens of applicants as an alumni interviewer for the HEC Paris MBA program.

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Personalized and comprehensive support on all aspects (start to finish) of your B-school application from crafting your unique storylines to strategizing best-fit B-schools, essays and mock interviews

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3 packages to choose from, with options to customize based on your requirements

Services & Pricing


Application preparation (1 school)

  • 1 B-school

  • No limits on edits/ iterations

  • Unlimited calls

INR 40,000


Application preparation (3 schools)

  • 3 B-schools

  • No limits on edits/ iterations

  • Unlimited calls

INR 90,000

Mock interview/ Hourly session

  • 1 hour 

  • Can cover any specific topic e.g. mock interview, application strategy, GMAT strategy, resume review, etc.

  • Feedback: oral & written

INR 9,500

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